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Meet Your Captivators























AC Valdez: You might think this stunning specimen of a man joined the Captivators just so could be the "cute one", but nay!  He came to inject the low end with an all new energy.  Who is this slice of cheesecake?  Hells Bells, it's AC from DC!

Bill Wade: The voice, the horn, and the leader. He’s the published author whose passion for crabs and beer has earned his books five star ratings on Amazon.

Dan Hauser: The… yeah, we’ve got this guy.

Agimon Ali: The man is smooth. Saxy smooth. He's the big man with the gentle touch, and he puts his fingers on all the right keys.

AC Pic.jpg

Mark Allred: High brass?  Check.  Keys?  Check.  Chops?  Checkmate!  If you had a ska fantasy team, Mark would be your ringer.

Mike Pic.jpg

Mike Miraglia: You could throw a chainsaw enguled in flames at this maniac and he wouldn't drop the beat.  Mike lives, breathes, eats, and occasionally makes love to the drums.

Captivator Emeritus

Alex Fort Reno.jpg

Alex Daniels: The beat. He’s the Swiss timepiece and eye candy who rules benevolently from his drum throne.

Charles Freeman: The low end.  He’s the guy who brings a sense of danger, unpredictability, volatility, and compassionate responsibility to the band. 

Jaime Soto: The Miami Kid.  He’s Mr. Excitement on the sax, and he will make you ladies feel right at home.  His home.

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